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Most pulled pork is made from shoulders, butts or hams. This is what we grew up on and what we thought was the best until we had Ed Mitchell’s whole hog barbecue.


Although it is more labor intensive and more expensive, it is worth it.

The advantage of whole hog is that you get it all–soft, Rich belly, lean and sweet tenderloin, rib meat as well as the shoulder and the ham.

The result is a more tender and more succulent pork barbecue.


The Pit

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Our Carolina Cue whole hog barbecue is made with love from pigs that come from a small hog farm from a small town in North Carolina.  They are smoked traditionally in small batches using hickory wood, which is indigenous to the area.  The pigs cook slowly for 10 hours until the meat is meltingly tender.  It is then removed from the pit, hand pulled, chopped and seasoned with while still hot.

Meet the Queen of ‘Cue

Easy Delivery


Elizabeth Karmel’s signature western-style red vinegar sauce is the essence of North Carolina!  It seasons both the Carolina ‘Cue and the Carolina Slaw which is why we call it “Carolina Cue Sauce.”  It is made with the finest apple-cider vinegar, a touch of all-natural ketchup and no water to cut it.  It’s more expensive that way, but that is the only way that we would make it ourselves, so that is the only way that we will sell it.  The sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with three types of peppers and molasses-rich dark brown sugar, so you might find your self using it on everything!

Your Table


Carolina Cue brings a regional treasure to your table no matter where you live.  The combination of eastern-style whole hog barbecue and the rich and tangy “red” western-style sauce is a modern day mash-up that we think brings you the best of what the tarheel state has to offer.  We suggest re-heating your thawed barbecue covered in the oven.  This ‘cue was seasoned with time and wood smoke and needs to be treated gently for best results.

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  • "I have always loved Elizabeth Karmel's North Carolina Pulled Pork. So I was excited when when she opened Carolina Cue To-Go! I ordered the piglet which was for 8 sandwiches, I made over 12 and still have some of the fabulous sauce left over. Me and my guests loved it, and the whole hog takes it to a new level. I will be ordering again soon!"

    Kirsten Glen Mills, PA
  • "Carolina Cue to go is the best BBQ....EVER!!!!!  Growing up in The south, and now living in Chicago, I really miss my Carolina Bbq...Now, I can order anytime, and it ships  perfectly! This is what BBQ is all about!"

    Hillary Orland Park, IL
  • "This is the real deal! If you are a displaced southerner who craves real NC BBQ, or you are just overwhelmed with making it yourself, Carolina Cue is the answer to your BBQ prayers!   The meat was smoky, tender and juicy, yet very little extra fat and the sauce is PERFECT. I've order the Piglet and the Super Sow and the quality was excellent. Can't wait to try the grits and hush puppies. This BBQ is also great for Christmas gifts, parties or even a condolence gift. Santa came early this year!"

    Mary Pat South Salem, NY
  • "I lived in South Carolina for years and I tried every BBQ spot I could find. After ordering Carolina Cue To-Go online, I found the best BBQ is at Great for gifts, easy to order, simple to prepare and delicious! The best."

    Joseph Newburgh, NY
  • "Enjoyed it last nite with 5 friends. Fantastic! There wasn't a morsel left at the end of the evening. Glad Cue To-Go is here!"

    Denny Facebook Review
  • "I made the Carolina Cue Grits with some butter and smoked gouda cheese- DELISH!"

    Lynne Facebook Review
  • "My friend Elizabeth Karmel’s Carolina Cue Whole-Hog Pulled Pork is made for you in North Carolina. If you’ve not had whole hog pulled pork then you might not understand what the fuss is about, but trust me – no, more importantly, trust her, she’s a barbecue rock star, you will fall head over hoofs (for it). Unless you are silly, you will also order the hush puppy mix and stone ground grits. We did this for Gary’s birthday last year and that was one happy group of people...”

    Katie Workman Author and blogger,
  • "Nothing beats NC BBQ. For those craving a delicious chopped BBQ sandwich or plate, but unable to make the journey to North Cackalacky, check out Simply place your order, invite friends over, brew some sweet tea and enjoy savory BBQ with all the fixins'."

    Mark S. New York, NY
  • "I am visiting my family in France next week.  When I asked them what they wanted me to bring to them from the US, they immediately said "Elizabeth Karmel’s North Carolina Pulled Pork," I think we will have a new tradition for our yearly visit!"

    Nathanael P Enfield NH
  • “This is a gift I’d really love to get. So delicious, you’ll want to buy some for yourself.”

    Ruth Reichl
  • My family is originally from eastern North Carolina but we live in Atlanta. It's impossible to find authentic NC barbecue anywhere near us, until now.  CarolinaCue's barbecue is delicious and tastes like the real deal. The pulled pork is of the highest quality and the sauce is divine. I've sent it to 'wayward Southerners' from Maine to Ohio. Its always a big hit and a wonderful surprise.  Makes the perfect hostess gift.

    Ginny K Atlanta GA
  • Damn Good! And that sauce...

    Kristian L. New York, NY
  • We loved the Cue To-Go! I had tasted it at the Les Dames d'Escoffier event. I since ordered enough for several meals!
    Joan B. New York, NY
  • HUGE SUCCESS!!!! We placed an order for Carolina Cue to serve at a meeting at Williams-Sonoma recently and it went over incredibly well. I honestly can not tell you how many compliments it received. At one point our meeting was disrupted by someone exclaiming "And who made this?  The flavor is absolutely incredible.

    Wayne M. North Carolinian living in San Francisco
  • Great product. Great customer service.  Brings Back the Taste of Home!

    Mike B. Native North Carolinian living in Arizona
  • That’s some good eating!  Carolina Cue was the perfect thing to serve for my fiance’s batchelor party. It made a whole group of displaced North Carolina folks very very happy! It tastes like home! Go heels!

    LeeAnn J Ridgefield, CT
  • That’s some good eating!  Carolina Cue was the perfect thing to serve for my fiance’s batchelor party. It made a whole group of displaced North Carolina folks very very happy! It tastes like home! Go heels!

    LeeAnn J Ridgefield, CT